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Help Us Thank A Million Teachers and Give A Million Dollars to Teachers

We are giving away $2,500 grants to America’s teachers and you can help! Take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to an educator that’s made a difference in your life and your community.

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We want to make a genuinely positive impact on the lives of educators and their students across the country. If you are a current K-12 teacher who has been thanked, you are eligible to apply for a $2,500 grant for your classroom!

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To: Mr. R. Raab, Jefferson Junior High School, Naperville, IL
Thanks for making me believe in myself.
From: S. Souto
To: Mrs. Ryan, Chippewa Elementary School, Farmingville, NY
Thank you for caring. You really made a difference.
From: K. Stack
To: Mr. J. burns, chippewa, farmingville, NY
Thanks for pushing me so hard.
From: M. baccoli
To: Mrs. E. Gearns, Sachem High School East, Farmingville, NY
I am the person I am today because of you. Thank you!
From: R. Goodman
To: Mr. D. Gallo, Sachem High School East, Farmingville, NY
You are appreciated for enriching the lives of students.
From: G. Fontana
To: Mr. Robles, Socorro High School, El Paso, TX
I am the person I am today because of you. Thank you!
From: R. Rivera
To: D. Gianfortone, Chippewa, Farmingville, NY
You are an inspiration to others, thanks.
From: T. Fitzpatrick
To: Mr. K. McCaffrey , Sachem East High School , Farmingville, NY
Thanks for helping me become a better person.
From: A. Strakhov
To: Mrs. L. Middleton, Siegrist, Platte City, MO
Thanks for believing in my kids.
From: S. Lathrop

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